Your Garmin 920xt has a sense of humor

The Garmin 920xt is indeed a significant upgrade over the 910xt. It includes a few features that sometimes make you wonder if it is trying to make jokes that may be passible in the metal/plastic/silicon world but lose a bit in the translation to those of us who  are a bit more of the carbon-based lifeform persuasion.

  1. ” You are a triathlete and I am a triathlon watch and we both know darn well that you will have another workout in about 12 hours”.IMG_2851
  2. “It is 2015 and you are old and fat so I will base my race predictions on 2012 when you were slightly less old and fat. Because I love you.”IMG_2854
  3. “I think that you are in really great running shape. Isn’t that a hoot?” IMG_2852
  4. “And you’re in great cycling shape, too. Isn’t that even funnier?!”IMG_2853
  5. “You just finished a 6 1/2 hour triathlon and blew through a gajillion calories. But now you are driving home so I am going to beep and say: IMG_2856_ZoomProc.”
  6. “I’M BORED!”

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