Why is this man wearing tri shorts in a running race?

Man running.

This is a half marathon and those are tri shorts.

Runner’s World recently posted a list of the top ten running fashion faux pas that one can commit. As you can see from the accompanying photograph, I have been known to violate Rule # 3, “Tri-Suit in a Single-Sport Race” (I’m guessing Rule #11 would be “Over-Use of Hy-phens”).

More to the point, those are tri shorts, not an entire “Tri-Suit”. And there are reasons I wear them in running races. Here they are, in no particular order.

  1. I like the compression feel. It took me awhile to get used to it, but now I feel uncomfortable when not wearing compression gear on my upper legs. I have problems with weak hamstrings (as in strains and pulls), and this helps.
  2. Advertising. My club name is on the back and a major sponsor is on the sides.
  3. Extra layer of warmth. Put on the tri shorts and compression sleeves on the calves, and that’s a layer right there.
  4. I can pee whenever I want to. This is important to anyone who has ever been pregnant or owned an elderly prostate (but probably not both).
  5. If I have a bad race, I can pull out the “I’m not really a runner” card.
  6. If I have a good race, I can pull out the “I’m not really a runner” card.

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