There’s no crawling in triathlon!

Triathlon has it’s rules, just like any sport. In the US, any race will be using the USA Triathlon Rulebook, or a modification of those rules. And most of them are pretty well understood. No drafting in the cycling leg, but you can draft when you swim. No personal music devices at any times. Wear your helmet whenever on a bike or be disqualified. Don’t do drugs. And so forth.

But here’s one that was a bit of a surprise.

6.1 Permitted Conduct. A participant must run or walk the entire portion of the run course. Except for reasons of safety and when no advantage is gained, all runners shall follow and remain within the prescribed course. A participant who gains forward progress by crawling or otherwise violates this Section shall be disqualified.

(My emphasis) Yup, no crawling, unless you’re going off to the side. You may crawl on the bottom of the lake (here, para 4.2), but not when you’re running.

I’m still evaluating the impact this has on my race strategy.

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