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    • Steve,
      Great seeing all of you guys as well! Great job with your podium finish – you should hang around to be on the podium sometime 😉

      I wound up 5 minutes under my goal. Believe it or not, was 7 minutes ahead on the swim! Lost 2 minutes on the bike. T1, T2, and run right where I predicted – despite having to stop twice to work out hamstring cramps – didn’t drink all of the electrolyte I planned to – lesson learned!

  1. Excuse my ignorance but I just bought a forerunner 910 and I am still learning how to use it, I was reading your advice and guidance and helped me a lot, nevertheless I still have a question regarding the article of spinning bikes and ant mode, do I have to connect the ant stick in the port of the spinning bike? or does the forerunner does it automatically if enabled?

    • Hi, Annabelle!

      My experience has been that Spin bikes that have ANT+ capability have the equivalent to the stick built-in, in other words, you don’t need your own. They will also have the logo as shown in #17, so you literally do what it describes there – just hold your 910xt up to the logo and go through the instructions in #17.

      Does that help nay?

      Incidentally, this doesn’t work for the 920xt. Garmin dropped the “fitness equipment” support on the 920t, and figured that if there was a demand for it, someone would write an app for it (the 920t supports “Connect IQ Apps”). Last time I checked, nobody has yet!

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