Race Review List

Reviews of and information on races I have participated in, along with tips that fellow newbies may find helpful.









2 thoughts on “Race Review List

  1. Hi, cannot thank you enough for the detailed description of the half Ironman events you have experienced.
    As a soon to be 1st timer doing a half, I am finding it difficult to choose an event because of lacking details esp. air/water temps, bike/run elevations.
    I wish you had more events reviewed:) Thanks!

    • Thank you SO MUCH for the kind words! I always thought this is the kind of information I would want to see – what is the race like, how is the parking, where are the portapotties:-)

      I do have a backlog of races at various distances that I haven’t written up yet. Do you have any you are interested in that you don’t see here? Perhapsi May have done it and I would be motivated to write it up?

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