Why is this man wearing tri shorts in a running race?

Man running.

This is a half marathon and those are tri shorts.

Runner’s World recently posted a list of the top ten running fashion faux pas that one can commit. As you can see from the accompanying photograph, I have been known to violate Rule # 3, “Tri-Suit in a Single-Sport Race” (I’m guessing Rule #11 would be “Over-Use of Hy-phens”). Continue reading

10 things I wish knew – or was GLAD I knew – before my first triathlon

It’s now spring and traditionally this is the time when mentoring begins for another crop of excited new triathletes heading into their first season. The Saint Louis Triathlon Club Mentoring Program recently asked the members for “what do you wish you knew before your first triathlon”. Here is my list, which is expanded to include the important things that I was fortunate to actually have known beforehand (see #1)! Continue reading

19 Things to Know About Your Garmin 910xt

Well, congratulations! You have a Garmin 910xt Forerunner, an incredibly powerful device with a tremendous number of functions, options, and features, all controlled – somehow – through seven buttons. I’ll assume that you are able to read a manual and follow directions, but in this article we’ll talk about some things that surprised or perplexed me in using the device, and maybe some of these may help you as well. Continue reading

My Shoe Collection

Over the course of the past two years, I seem to have acquired a large number of things to put on my feet that apparently we just must have for this sport of ours. You only NEED two pair of shoes for this sport – one for riding the bike, one for running. And if you use pedals with toe clips, you only need one as you can wear the same shoe to bike and run.

Apparently I like shoes.

13 pairs of foot ware arranged in a circle.

The things I put on my feet for triathlon and related multisport activities.

Here’s what they are. I’ve put a link to a description of these or similar/later model shoes. Continue reading