My Stupid Reasons for Skipping Swimming

It’s no secret that swimming is not my forté. I grew up on a lake, and I rather enjoy open water swimming (swimming pools, not so much), I’m just slow. I’ve taken lessons and have made progress, especially at efficiency, but slow I remain. It seems that, like a lot of old runners, I have very little flexibility in my ankles so kicking doesn’t add to my propulsion. Need to fix that.

So, not too surprisingly, sometimes its a little hard for me to get out and swim. Today was a particularly bad day; I just didn’t to it. So I decided I would write down every reason I have used to not swim, so I can come back to this list and shame myself into getting that swim in.

These are all real.

  1. It’s too early.
  2. It’s too late.
  3. It’s Thursday and I have a race on Sunday. I don’t want to wear myself out. (Of course, I’ll go out to bike and run the next two days.)
  4. I’ll go to work early instead. But first I’ll lie here in bed and check Facebook, Twitter, CNN, STL Today,…
  5. I’ll leave work early and swim on the way home in the afternoon.
  6. I don’t like to swim in the RecPlex pool in the afternoon because there’s this one spot  in the pool where the the Sun is really bright.
  7. I was up too late last night.
  8. It’s too crowded to swim in split lanes and I’m too slow to circle swim without people having to pass me, so I’ll do everyone a favor and go home.
  9. I’m sure I can swim 1.2 miles but I’m not sure I can ride 56 miles so I’d better go ride my bike instead.
  10. The swim is only 1/6 of the race so I’ll go run instead.
  11. (Open water) I waited too late and now the waterskiers are out and I don’t trust the drivers to stay outside the buoys. (That one’s actually pretty good.)
  12. I played bass drum for an hour and a half last night and I don’t want to give myself a repetitive stress injury.
  13. This afternoon’s open so I’ll swim then instead.
  14. This evening’s open so I’ll swim then instead.
  15. Tomorrow morning’s open so I’ll swim then instead.
  16. Repeat #13 through # 15.
  17. My Garmin is in the shop again and I don’t want to waste a workout if I don’t have all the statistics for it.

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