My Smart Reasons for NOT Skipping Swimming

Friend Karen from the St Louis Triathlon Club suggests I should replace my prior list of stupid reasons I use to skip swimming with a list of reasons why I should. Well, I never throw anything away, but there are things that can get me up and going.

I’ve never had problems getting motivated for an open water swim. I guess I’d be happier if the St Louis metro area had more lakes and fewer pools. I guess heated lakes would be nice during the winter…

  1. (Karen’s suggestion, and really the only one that’s really needed) If I want to race I must train.
  2. I like smelling like chlorine throughout the day, it reminds me that I did something.
  3. HTFU.
  4. I give up too much time in the swim in my age group. If I could get to the point of being merely average in the swim, I’d be an awesome force. Yup, me and Ozymandias.
  5. I owe the swim volunteers at races a break: if I swim faster they can go home earlier.
  6. HTFU.
  7. I cannot even think of doing a full Ironman until my swim time decreases. I would be flirting with the two hour 20 minute cutoff.
  8. After 100 yards in a pool, I don’t feel like quitting.
  9. After 600 yards in a pool, it’s actually not so bad.
  10. HTFU.
  11. The feeling that I get as I’m looking at the line on the bottom of the pool: “you know, not everyone can do this”.
  12. There are races on my bucket list – like Escape form Alcatraz and Superiorman – that I can’t do until I swim faster because exposure becomes an issue.

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