My Shoe Collection

Over the course of the past two years, I seem to have acquired a large number of things to put on my feet that apparently we just must have for this sport of ours. You only NEED two pair of shoes for this sport – one for riding the bike, one for running. And if you use pedals with toe clips, you only need one as you can wear the same shoe to bike and run.

Apparently I like shoes.

13 pairs of foot ware arranged in a circle.

The things I put on my feet for triathlon and related multisport activities.

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Through the Looking Glass

I recently ran my first road race in over 25 years. Now, technology has certainly advanced a great deal in the past quarter century, and as an engineer I should probably not be amazed by this. But the truth is, having a mindset of someone who was happy to have a gas station map to get to his previous most recent race, the experience was pretty much indistinguishable from magic.

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