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This blog is maintained by an age group triathlete in the St. Louis area and consists of reviews of races and other observations from someone with a newbie viewpoint. Warning: the blogger is a cheerful person by nature, so if you’re looking for someone to put the hammer on a race because it had one too many or too few hills, this would not be the place to find it.

Well, maybe. I really hate hills.

The Blogger

I’m a guy who lives near St. Louis, MO. I also live in the 60-64 age group. A former high school runner and wrestler, and recreational road racer for a few years after college, I became sedentary for a couple of decades. Hey, you get busy, ya’ know?

A few years ago I discovered that although my parents blessed me with many things, good blood chemistry genetics was not one of them. I needed to work on my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. It took a couple of tries, but in 2010-2011 I successfully shed 56 lbs through (surprise) diet and exercise, and was able to entirely eliminate two medications and stay off of a third. My exercise consisted mostly of NordicTrac™ and lawn mowing, and I later added my hybrid bike.

Once I got to the point I no longer jiggled as I moved, I added running again. One morning I found myself in the middle of the St. Peters Spring Triathlon, having no idea what it was. The people in it seemed normal enough. I was entering the “health maintenance phase” and needed a lifelong physical challenge; I was already running and cycling and, what the heck, I grew up on a lake. So I’m giving tri a try.

I am just beginning my seventh season (2018). I started in late 2011 by participating in the St. Peters RecPlex Indoor Triathlon Challenge series and joined the St. Louis Triathlon Club (at both of which the people continue to seem normal).

Since I am coming into the sport for health rea                                                                                                                         sons, burnout is not an option for me, so I am approaching this slowly and patiently. In my first season season (2012), I tried out various sprint races around the St. Louis area to get a feel for the sport – and have a little fun. I posted about what the races, and other aspects of the sport, look like to a newbie.

At the end of 2012 I completed my first Olympic dIstance race, and in 2013 completed my first 70.3 races. I’ll keep those posts coming.  Hope someone will find this useful!

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