Moving from the Forerunner 920 to the Forerunner 945: Day 1, Part 1 – Navigating the buttons and menus

I use a Garmin Forerunner 920 in conjunction with a Garmin Edge 520 on the bike. This is a really wonderful combination, especially since many of the new features added in the FR 935 (which I skipped) were bike related, and already resided in the Edge 520. But, I have a need to collect my heart rate during the day, and with the FR 945, it seemed like there was enough maturity of the built-in optical heart rate monitor and additional new “stuff” to go ahead and get the 945. (Note: I need the optical HR only during regular daily activities; for training and racing I intend to keep using the chest straps as they give me more data and cause me no discomfort. I know, lucky me!)

So, I’m going to log my experiences as I switch over to the 945 (meaning, I’m not going to over-edit my writing here!), and in particular I will be looking at it from the standpoint of someone switching over from the 920. Continue reading